Monday, 21 April 2014

Review of Crossroads: Its about time

Book: Crossroads: It's about time
Publication: Access

It really explains so well the dilemma we all face in life. Crossroads portrays the journey of a woman from being a pampered daughter, to a devoted wife to a responsible mother and then finding herself as an individual. She survives through lot of ups and down in life and strongly she emerges out of it inspiring others, fighting against all odds, her own emotions and desires.

I could visualize characters so pretty well and of course twitter ( a parrot), and amber(dog) are adorable beings and even their state of mind is aptly portrayed. It describes a mother-daughter (Kavita-Hitakshi) bond unusual, frank, bold, more like a sister-to-sister or best-friend bond, too beautifully and reading it, you will wish to have that kind of a bond with your mother. It actually clearly defines the thin line differences between  love, desires, affections, attachments, and some undefined relationships. Further one more thing that strikes chord in one's heart is she describes 'moments' beautifully not like a sinful act! But amazingly she pretty well describes the reality of every woman with a strong personality but a kind heart which keeps forgiving the one she loves millions of times yet maintain her self respect once it crosses her breaking point.

Preeti Singh mam (its her second book) has way with the words, just like she herself is, emotional, bubbly, outspoken. her writings are the same, it doesn't seem monotonous, its lively, no hanky-panky typical tough words but keeping it in simple yet firm words! 

I totally loved it And when i was on second last page, i stopped reading thinking, 'shit! its just gonna get over, nooo I don't want it to get over, why cant it just go on and on" but then the curiosity of which path of the crossroad Kavita chooses was killing me and i finally read it after a day long gap.

Must read, it will inspire you that even if you had fallen back too hard in life, you can gather up without shattering into million pieces further :) 
Everyone can feel connected to it!  

Totally recommend it. 

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