Sunday, 17 November 2013

Review of Syahi- Power of the pen

Publication- Triumph Publishing

Just finished reading Syahi- Power of the pen.

Loved the anthology as it covers almost all emotions and every author have narrated the story in their own unique ways. Although all the authors have a freshness in their writing but i would especially like to mention Apoorva Arora, Nehali Lalwani, Neoni Dsouza, Khushi Gupta and Salli Shah. Just loved the way they wrote every story brilliantly picturising every sentiment.'An odyssey of Discovering life..Again', '26/11-A dark twilight', 'Life a vague mystery', That night b12', 'Un-destined love' & 'It started with a key' were my favorites. All the stories are depicted well and keep you engrossed till you finish reading them.

Except a flaw or two that could be neglected, i will totally recommend  it :)

4 out of 5

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