Monday, 8 April 2013

Not just a girl's fault

Everyday i m fed up of hearing, this is because girls r getting wilder these days,they wear short dresses, go out late at nights and even becoming alcoholics.I dont agree to it, even a 2 year old or a 10 year old girl is raped so i wanna know what “provoking” dress were they wearing? Were they alcoholic? or are they seducing guys?

Well its all in one’s head, a girl no matter what she wears or how she carries herself does not give a right to any stranger or even any men to even touch her without her permission.Its disgusting that men who does do blame it on her clothes or she was drunk or was out late-night its just the cowardliness of such boys and a dominance in our society which always blames a female for anything bad happened to her.

And those aunties and old uncles or other politicians etc who advices women to”behave” and “dress-up well” should instead ask their sons “to behave” and “respect” feminine.If a girl should not work late night then even boys should not work late too, ask your sons to be home on time and that can may be save females who work late night and return, that way you can contribute to save a RAPE..!

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