Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review of ‘The Angel love and My Broken Promises’

Book Tittle: The Angel love and My Broken Promises
Publication: Omji Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.

 It’s the debut Novel of the author Kundan Vidyarthy and I must say he has indeed done a nice and appreciable work as a debutant.
The story revolves around the protagonist Jay who is a normal yet a confused kind of a guy. The story talks about the problems he face in life in the quest of love, the rejections, the misunderstanding, the break-ups, etc which everyone can relate somehow as all of us go through the same. All the characters, Nidhi, Jay, Simi, are quite easy to relate with, one can find such people easily around us. And Jay had been portrayed quite well as at moment the reader would sympathies with him, at the next one gets angry on him on being so foolish and then at certain places one will feel wise of him to act like a total gentleman. But apart from this, the true love Nidhi holds for Jay is simply amazing, title suits the story well seeing her love, angelic love.. One gets a faith reading this that true love is hard to find but it eventually finds its way.  Kundan had used simple and easy language and that is the reason it’s quite approachable to the readers. The story consists of lots of twists and excited events and is not really predictable. There is something which attracts the reader and one cannot just keep away the book without finishing it and knowing what is going to happen at the end.

Talking about the climax, it’s just appealing and one may actually wait for a sequel to know the happy ending in the love tale. But some may find it too hypothetical or filmy but for me, I find it good.  A tear may escape out of your eyes if you are an emotional person. There are very few mistakes which can be corrected in later editions otherwise a nice book to read to feel the power of love.

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