Friday, 27 June 2014

An Interview with Neelam Saxena Chandra Mam!

·         I took this interviews few days ago with Mam, but today on her Birthday, its just the apt occasion to share it with everyone. It was lovely talking to her, she is so creative so talented as a person and it shows in her work. Also, I would like to congratulate her for the honorable awards she is rewarded with. Many more milestones to go Mam, best wishes and a very happy birthday.

     When was the first time you penned down something? What was it?
As far as I remember, the first time I wrote something was during school days when I was in class sixth. During those days, poesy was my favorite.
·         When was your first work published? How did you felt it then?
My first work was published in the newspaper, The Hitavada, a leading newspaper of Central India that time. I think I was in class eighth.
·         What interest you more, Poetry or Prose?
It all depends upon my mood. I find both of them equally interesting and challenging.
·         Mam, how is writing a novel different from writing a short-story collection?  Which one do you enjoy more?
In a novel, you get a lot of pages to build up the character and story, including the climax; whereas in a short story, one has to be crisp. I love writing both of them.
·         How did you chose this title ‘ Rishtey mohabbat ke’?
The book, published by Omji Publishing, is a collection of sixteen stories of different types of people in different stage of life. It does not have typical teeny short stories. While I was wondering about the title, I happened to read the story titled ‘RishtaMohabbatka’ in the collection and the idea of the title of the collection was born, for all these stories are based upon love and relationships.

·         Which one is your personal favorite out of these 16 beautiful tales?
An indeed tough question. It is too difficult for me to answer this. The collection is a canvas consisting of sixteen hues and each colour gives a different tint.
·         Are all of them fictitious or some related to real-life incidents too?
Most of them are fictitious, but they are surely woven around certain real life problems in and around us.
·         How has been your experience so far in the writing industry?
I have also struggled like any other new author, but then it was worth it for that was the time when I was forming my opinions and also improvising myself and making myself ready for bigger things. I won’t say that it was a bed of roses, but certainly, the experience has been good overall. All my recent publishers are established brands and I am really proud to be working with them.
·         Which genres interest you more?
I find relationships either between two individuals or a group of people or of a person with the society very intriguing and fascinating and I mostly write on that. I have written for children, I have written on romance and also a thriller. Basically, I experiment in different genres.
·         You prefer writing in English more or Hindi?
Language is just a medium and I don’t mind writing in either of them, however I am certainly more drawn towards English.
·         What is your latest work of writing?
I really don’t know what I should call my latest. I have eight children’s illustrated books under publication by RajkamalPrakashan, one novel and one short story collection by LiFi Publishers, one short story collection by Authorspress, one Hindi poetry collection and one novella for kids by Virtuous Publications and a poetry collection and short story collection by Omji Publishing. Besides this, I have the script of a novel ready with me which I have just sent to the publishers for consideration for publishing.
·         Work in which genre can we next expect from you?
I will try to experiment in a new genre every time and should give something new to my readers in every book.
·         Tell us about your favorite authors?
My favorite authors include Erich Segal, Rabindranath Tagore, etc.
·         Any advices you would like to give to the young blooming authors?
Follow your passion, but do think twice before entering this field full-fledged. Only 1% of the writers get paid well.
·         Things you are passionate about except writing?
It is a big list. I love cooking, painting, acting, directing skits, anchoring etc.
·         According to you what factors play a role behind a novel’s success?
The quality of the novel, the message it conveys, the portrayal of characters, the publisher and the marketing are the things which influence the success of a novel.

·         How are you as a person? Outspoken or reserved?
I am generally a candid person and am very humorous and mix well with everyone. However, there is a portion of me which hardly anyone knows.
·         Tell us something about your family. Do they read your books? I am sure they are so proud of you.
Yeah, everyone in my family has been very supportive in my quest. My daughter is my greatest support and she is an advisor as well as my critic. My husband, my mother, my brother and my sister keep encouraging me to do better everyday.

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