Monday, 26 May 2014

Review of Rishtey Mohabbat Ke

Book Title: Rishtey Mohabbat Ke
Publication: Omji Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.
‘Rishtey Mohabbat ke’ is a collection of short stories by a famous authoress Neelam Chandra Saxena.  She is a well known face in the Indian literary world and had been awarded ‘Premchand’ Award and ‘Rabindranath Tagore Award’ too for her famous works in prose and poetry both.  Apart from an author, as a whole she is a creative and artistic person and it shows in all her hobbies of painting, reading and writing.
No matter how often we use English to read and write, like I am here doing the same using English, reading a book written in your mother tongue is a contented feeling like never before. When I held the book in hand, a smile curved over my lips seeing the cover as it just looks quite a familiar girl portrait. Reading through stories one by one, I wanted to read the next as soon, ye that’s the kind of charm in her writing. Neelam Mam has beautifully written all the stories and most of them carrying messages of positivity, hope, dreams and morals. 

Every story is yet so different from each other and portrays varied emotions, pretty well.  Some stories makes you smile, some makes you ponder upon life and others just gives you hope that you can found a true love when you least expected. Miracles happen, yes, in her stories they have happened! ‘Shiksha’, ‘Duvidha’, ‘Ek Mulakaat’, ‘Rishta Mohabbat ka’ and few others are some of my favorites. How a teacher changes a student’s life and in return learned a lesson; How a girl chooses to uphold her morals; How two people who once loved, met unexpectedly in life and stay beside each other and how fighting all odds two people who love each other finally raise their voice and decide to stay together, thus you see every story carries a different lesson, a varied feeling and all of them are woven too nicely in a book form. Except a few spelling errors, on the whole the book is a must read even if you don’t like much reading the Hindi literature.

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