Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Review of 'Her Story'

Book Title: Her Story

Publication:  Petals Publishers


“Her story” is a collection of 24 beautiful stories, distinctively different from each other yet woven around a common message, the strength of a woman.It is compiled and edited by two well-known names in writing field, many prestigious award winner Neelam Saxena Chandra mam & the modern era  'anthology queen' Nehali Lalwani mam
All the stories have meaningfully portrayed how a woman overcome all the hindrances, fears, vices and evils against her and withstand all the problems in life. An ill fate, a pervert boss, unsupportive husband & mother-in-law, making hard choices, betrayals from close friend, female-infanticide, human-trafficking,  etc, It talks about various kind of troubles a woman may tend to face in a lifetime. All the woman can relate to it as it covers a wide variety of battles a woman might go through, ranging from pressures & problems related to corporate world to the problem a widow or a small girl faces .

Although i loved them all as they are all beautiful in their own ways but few have touched me deep like, 'we shall overcome someday ' , 'The eternal middle', 'Endgame', 'A letter to the world', 'Let her die' & 'Griha Lakshmi'. 

It is not just 'her' story, it is more like a constant war of dilemma compromises or sacrifices. And what message it has managed to give clear & loud is that every nightmare comes to an end,after every winter spring follows. It gives you the ray of hope to keep holding on to your faiths, because you are a woman; a woman strong enough to fight all odds and come out smiling like a winner. 

A book you shouldn't miss reading, even if you are not a hardcore feminist!

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