Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review of - 'The Last Card'

The Last Card

Book Title: The Last Card
Publication: Omji Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.


The Last Card is a novel written by Prakhar Awasthi,published by Omji Publishing House. Even at this young age of 19, he displays his capability of playing with reader’s mind.

The novel has a different and quiet creative concept. The prologue begins from the emotional death defining scene and quickly escalates to a totally different sequence of events. The ‘fourth guy’ is a mystery since the game of cards begun. Story is capable enough to hold on the reader till the end.

It is set amidst the varied landscapes of India yet majorly talks about the beautiful city of Varanasi(Banaras).  As the story proceeds it looks like any other normal story woven around three guys, Veer, Vikram and Sen, their individual stories about their love, career, and ambitions etc but as the end approaches, all the broken links connect and starts making sense. I liked the writing style of the author, but at certain parts I felt it needed a bit of finishing touch and use of simple yet strong phrases. Lastly talking about the cover, the quote by FR. Craig Scott is icing on the cake.

It has drama, twists, betrayals, love, and a different concept; I wish it would have been a little more elaborated since it has lot of scope. I would say though short still a good read.

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