Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Review of ‘The Purple Moon’

Book Title: The Purple Moon
Publication: First Step publishing


‘The Purple Moon’ is a collection of hundred poems and all the poems in some or other form depicts love and all the other emotions attached to it. Neelam Chandra Saxena mam have a way with words. She knows how to beautifully express feelings through both prose and poems.

The title of the book, ‘The Purple Moon’ in itself is magnetic and elegant. It truly matches with the theme of love. Every poem is so different from the other though it talks about the feelings of love. The longing for lover, the wishes and desires of a lover, the fear of falling apart, the sadness of a lonely heart wanting nothing but love, hopes and many more strong feelings are described in beautiful yet simple words in poetic form. It’s hard to choose favorites as all of the poems are beautiful in their own ways.

Simplicity is the highlight of this poetry book by Neelam mam. I don’t know the technicality of the poetry but all I know is these poems made me smile, made me ponder deeply and above all I could relate to them because of the simple expression of all the feelings. A good read overall.

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