Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review of “Trisha”

Book Tittle: Trisha

Publication: Omji Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.

“Trisha” is written by Swagnika Roy & published by Omji Publishing House.
The story revolves around the protagonist Trisha Chatterjee, who is a modern strong girl. The story starts from the beautiful city of Kolkata and as the story proceeds further Trisha leaves the city and move on to a different city, running away from the shadows of past yet not completely moving on and letting it go. 
Trisha is a very strong yet too emotional person. You can hate her or love her for her ways but just can’t ignore her. It also portrays that there is a clear difference between being modern and being ‘available’. Smoking or dressing modern or being straightforward and bold does not mean being ‘open-for-all’.  That bold and outgoing smart girl Trisha has been betrayed by the one she loved with all her heart. And no matter how strong she is yet the betrayal in love have affected her deep, she is not ready to let go off her past. The story talks about the hardships, failures and hurtful realizations she faces and how she fights them and manages to withstand it all. Most of the situations talked about are relatable and touches the fragments, joys and hardships of college life and corporate life, the feeling of loneliness and realization of family’s importance, etc are beautifully woven in the story.
Talking about the climax, it’s just appealing and gives a hope that no matter what we go through, what mistakes we make, what troubles we face, someday it would all be okay. Maybe we won’t get what we wanted but rather we will get what we need to be happy in life! Totally worth reading.

PS I loved the quote inspired from Cecelia Ahern (one of my favorite) :)

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