Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Are Indian Women Too Dependent?

Despite the fact that feminism in India is seeking new peaks and establishing a new definition which presents Indian women as independent and successful, there underlies the truth that Indian women are still dependent on others for their physical, emotional, social and financial needs.

A woman who leads a successful life- an amazing job, a fabulous house, a supportive family will still want someone to take care of her when she falls sick, will wish for a man who will protect her from those dirty stares and filthy comments on road or at other places.

Indian women need to get out of their shells to be independent. They need to practice independence of the following form:
·    Physical Independence- Ability of taking care of their needs and even health for that matter, at their own.
·    Emotional Independence- They should understand that by being clingy all the time, they reduce their own values and that’s the reason others start to take them for granted!
·    Financial Independence-Men are not the providers and source of security, being a 21st century women, they are capable of making more money and utilizing it way better than men can.
No matter how much they boast about it saying they are the 21st century women, they don’t need man to survive, to stay happy but they are proved wrong over and again.
It’s that simple a cause that women are actually pre-programmed to feel dependent on men, in India. Even though they might be rich, leading a famous and luxuries life, they feel vulnerable and deep down they fear of surviving all alone. A woman may have a better career, more paying job but the trump card in a relationship is held by the man.

The dependency is all cooked up in their heads; they have been always presented as the weaker section of the society. As women nowadays live a more successful life at career levels, financial dependency held least importance, mental dependence is what makes them too dependent. Women need to understand that they can be happy at their own, they are capable and smart enough to walk through the phases of lives alone, instead of being stuck up with the wrong man just because they feel they are dependent on him.

Homemakers play a vital role in a family, they need to boost up their confidence and free their thoughts. They should understand that they are not mere machine to cook and clean but are equally important. They are no less from the women successful in her workplace or with the men in the family. They actually do the most important work of managing the house efficiently.
Psychologically, woman emotionally depends on the male counterpart to a great extent and this is what actually gives men the power of blame-games and abuses for anything bad that happens between them.
Men do not cease to remind her of her 'responsibilities’ over and again but women needs to brush it aside and emerge out as stronger and independent!!

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