Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Review of “YOU ARE NOT MINE still I am scared to lose you”

Tittle: YOU ARE NOT MINE still I am scared to lose you
Publication: Omji Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.

“YOU ARE NOT MINE still I am scared to lose you” is Komal Sikha’s debutant novel, published by Omji Publishing House.
The story revolves around the protagonist Keya Kriti, who is a psychology graduate and loves being one. She is modern yet subtle; she may even seem like an introvert who just opens up with her two best friends initially. But as the story proceeds, she comes across like a friendly person. The story starts from Bhubaneswar where Keya falls in love head-over-heels with Ashank, who is unfortunately already in a commitment. Their pure feelings towards each other, their planned and unplanned meetings, their consecutive fights with destiny and Keya’s continuous fight within herself to accept they are ‘not meant to be’  are woven beautifully with careful use of words.  As the story proceeds further Keya leaves the city and move on to Pondicherry, running away from the shadows of past yet not completely moving on and letting it go.  And destiny again made them cross their paths.

A reader would sympathies with Keya who is fighting all hardships yet being so hopelessly in love and then at one point one would feel anger towards he that why is she being loyal to something that just hurts her in return.! But she comes out as a very strong person, though she herself doesn’t know how dignified and inspiring she is to others.
She is in love with the right person but at the wrong time! That is her only fault. The story keep moving in its own pace in hope of a miracle and it keeps you hooked till last to know did Keya won or lost her long and tiring battle with fate and destiny.
Few conversations parts amiss the flow and disturbs the sequence of the storyline and a few spell-errors which can be corrected in next editions. Are good people ever rewarded in life is what keeps popping in your mind while reading the story.   It’s totally worth reading. :)

 PS: i loved the cover ^_^

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